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Understanding SCOR-based Consulting


The Supply-Chain Council (SCC) has developed and endorsed the Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) as the cross-industry standard for supply chain management. The SCC:

  • Is an independent, not-for-profit, global corporation
  • Membership is open to all companies and organizations interested in applying and advancing state-of-the-art supply chain management systems and practices
    • Over 800 Company Members
    • Cross-industry representation
    • Chapters in Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Europe, Japan, North America, and South East Asia - petitions for additional chapters pending
  • Membership Composition:
    • 40% - Practitioners
    • 25% - Enabling Technology Providers
    • 20% - Consultants
    • 15% - Universities, Associations, Government Organizations


Information technology is heading in one direction, operations heads in a second direction while sales and design cuts their own trail. Progress in all areas is slow at best. Align strategies to:

  • Present a united force to the competition
  • Accelerate improvement initiatives
  • Improve shareholder return


SCOR methodology uses the following approach:

  • Establish your competitive landscape
  • Determine areas needing improvement
  • Resolve the material flow challenges
  • Resolve the information and work flow challenges
  • Implement in a phased, digestible fashion

Other SCOR Resources

SCOR theory is great but how does one actually apply it in an effective manner? Peter Bolstorff does a fantastic job of explaining how in his book, Supply Chain Excellence! (A Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR Model).
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