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"Accelerating the deployment of supply chain strategies"

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Value Delivered

Project Plato is a consulting and education company which delivers value by reducing the inherit quality, cost, and time risks of supply chain initiatives. This is delivered via:

SCM Consulting Services

Experiential SCM Workshops

Supply chains are dynamic complex systems. Therefore static, classroom-based education delivers little value. Emotional, hands-on experiences expose the lessons and drive retention. Use these workshops to:

  • educate your target audience about the basics of supply chain dynamics
  • demonstrate the journey from siloed to collaborative organizational behaviour
  • unify an implementation team
  • prepare users and management for the interdependence of ERP
  • unify your extended supply chain into a collaborative competitvitve advantage

Project Plato offers workshops designed for industries whose supply chains create:

  • Goods (such as manufacturing, final assembly, logistics & distribution)
  • Capacity (such as energy, utilities, mining, pipelines, petrochemicals)
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