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"Accelerating the deployment of supply chain strategies"

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Description of SCM Consulting Services

SCOR-based Consulting

It’s time for the businesses to begin realizing the benefits of standard process models and implementation methodologies for their supply chain challenges. Why waste time and money with highly customized methodologies when best practices have been consolidated and imbedded in the SCOR model.

  • Reduce the quality, cost and time risks associated with “one off” programs
  • Get the high level “right” before diving into the details
  • Get into details only where needed
  • Only work in areas that demonstrate a ROI
  • Create placeholders for future work
  • Seamlessly weave in change management
  • Continually bridge the gap between the business goals and supply chain
  • Stop reinventing the “methodology” wheel

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Stategy Alignment Consulting

Inforamation technology is heading in one direction, operations heads in a second direction while sales and design cuts their own trail. Progress in all areas is slow at best. Align strategies to:

  • Present a united force to the competition
  • Accelerate improvement initiatives
  • Improve shareholder return

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Commitment to Change Consulting

The biggest challenge to supply chain initiatives is usually not in the process or the technology – its in the people. How do you ensure that your people are onboard and that the greater organizational supports them?

Project Plato imbeds change management activities into its workshops, implementation plans and consulting efforts. No solution exists until implementation is complete.

Well thought out change management initiatives reduce the quality, cost and time risks inherent in supply chain initiatives.

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